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Welcome everybody [Jan. 19th, 2007|05:18 pm]
Neo Sannyas Community

This community is made for people who are in love with Osho, and all that he left behind.

I am proud to be His sannyasin.

My knowledge about what happend around Osho in his time, I have gathered through listening, and watching his video's, I am quite a new neo-sannyasin, and to young to have been part of His experimental commune.
I would love to talk and share with fellow seekers on the path.

Especially Russian ones! :)

From: (Anonymous)
2007-08-30 08:21 am (UTC)

Re: Hello Dhyan Sagar

Hi there Kundan, thank you for your message, I do got an hold on the audio-discourses of Tantra, A supreme understanding, and also have the book in my bookshelf, yes,... these discourses are also one of my favorites... Also because I feel very much connected with the Indian-Tibetan Tantric Way.

And no, I do not not Know Ma Rohit from the Ukraine, bu would love to connect, I am eager to connect, with all sannyasins because I share this dream of Osho to create great communities around the globe.

And I am also busy with making this a reality now in a playful, but sincere way.
I feel I am being prepared for all this at the moment, and within my preparation I am getting more complete, clear, balansed and stabile now.

I have been listening to hundreds of Audio discourses of Osho after I found a great source who has shared a lot of audio and video material, this happend after I came back from India where i got Initiated.

One of the things I do now is sharing these discourses with others through a P2P program ( Soulseek ), so if you are interested in any way your welcome to dl whatever you would like to have dl'ed ( just ask how ).

Nice to meet you in this way,

Dhyansagar ( from the Netherlands )
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