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Time For Some Action in this community - Neo Sannyas Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Time For Some Action in this community [Jul. 16th, 2007|06:01 pm]
Neo Sannyas Community
It has been a bit quiet in this community, but I will start posting diffrent threads on this blog from now on,...

Diffrent texts of osho about several subjects, please tell me what you think about them, let's get it on...

[User Picture]From: tjaguarheart
2007-12-11 06:46 am (UTC)


Hello, I am new to LiveJournal, and am glad to ahve found your page. I have a huge interest in Osho, and will be watching your community. I hope you get to check out my journal. I hope you like it.

Thundering Jaguar Heart
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From: oceaniclove
2007-12-11 09:46 am (UTC)

Re: greetings

Hi there Thundering Jaguar Heart,

thanks for your comment on my livejournal Osho community, since some months I do not use Livejournal anymore, but if you like to talk and exchange things of and around Osho, then you can reach me through the msn or yahoo messenger, my mailadres: pepijn2007@yahoo.com

Light, Love and Laughter,

Pepijn ( sw. Dhyansagar )
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[User Picture]From: sailorsampath
2009-02-06 05:07 am (UTC)
visit this site www.theendofsearch.blogspot.com .it might interest you.i value your comments
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